Wide variety of projects around the world

Our consultants have experience from a wide variety of projects around the world, from the tropics to the taiga. Have a look at some of our international projects.

  • Venezuela

    1999 Evaluation of a Forest Estate for the establishment of Eucalyptus plantations
  • Panama

    2000-2001 Program for Sustainable Development – Forest Policy Design and Strategy Development.
  • Honduras

    2004-2005 Preparation of a Management Plan for the tri-national National Park Monte Cristo in Honduras, […]
  • Guatemala

    1998 Environmental Impact Assessment of Cuchumatanes Highlands Project
  • Belize

    2001-2002 Forest Reserve Rehabilitation and Management Project Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
  • Nicaragua

    NORSKOG Consulting have completed a two verification projects of Teak plantations in Nicaragua in spring […]
  • Mozambique

    The main goal of the consultancy has been to assist the CEO in Global Solidarity […]
  • Zimbabwe

    1999-2002 Zimbabwe Environmental Sector Programme Co-operation with the Forestry Commission.
  • Ghana

    2008 Pre Study Development of a Jatropha plantation in Ghana.
  • Tanzania

    2001 World Bank appraisal mission – Tanzania Forest Conservation and Management Project.
  • Uganda

    2009-2013 Institutional strengthening of Uganda Timber Growers Association.
  • Armania

    2009 Community Forest Management – with a specific focus on reduction of illegal logging and […]
  • Tajikistan

    Tajikistan – 2008-2009, Vocational Training. The program is to develop and implement an educational model […]
  • Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyzstan – 2009-ongoing, Forestry Sector Programme. This program focus on the sustainable economic groth in […]
  • Serbia

    Forest Management Planning; Development of Cost-efficient Management; Institutional Development; Capacity Building; Forest Certification; 2004-2006 Forestry […]
  • Bosnia

    2000-2001 Forest Management Planning Study – World Bank Forestry Project, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Cyprus

    EEA Grants Project Appraisal – Cyprus Preparation of an Integrated Management Plan for the Pafos […]
  • Estonia

    2007 EEA Grants Project Appraisal – Estonia Inventory and Managing of Juniper Woods within the […]
  • Russia

    1997 Evaluation for Restructuring and Investment in two Forest companies. 1997-98 Evaluation of forest resources […]
  • FAO (Rome, Italy)

    for a set of courses and educational resources for executives and managers within “RED+ MRV […]
  • Kosovo

    The project “Support to Forest Management Planning with Geographic Information System”, funded by the Norwegian […]
  • Bulgaria

    On behalf of potential investors Norskog completed in 2007, an analysis of the real estate […]
  • Latvia

    FORAN Real Estate SIA was established in 2005 to act as an environmentally friendly, financially […]
  • Norway

    Our clients holds more than 100.000 ha of forest land, and NORSKOG Group also provide […]
  • Montenegro

    Montenegro is a country located in South-eastern Europe and it has a coast on the […]