Education and work experience

Key Qualifications:

Consultancy assignments and projects in Norway and abroad. Forest Valuation and due diligence. Voluntary protection of forest. Digital tools.



Work experience:

Erik Ødegård has his main business in NORSKOG’s valuation team, where he makes annual valuations for companies or investment funds, and assists with valuation in the purchase and sale of forest property. Besides this Mr. Ødegårdalso works with voluntary protection and projects where the use of digital tools is central.



Mr. Ødegård has worked with valuations, due diligence processes and buying / selling assistance for dozens of projects in collaboration with investment funds or major industrial companies. He manages customer contact, makes preparations, organize field personnel and performs analyzes related to these processes. Mr. Ødegård has experience from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Voluntary protection

Mr. Ødegård assists forest owners in voluntary protection processes in Norway and has several cases going on continuously. In these processes he designs the formal offer from the forest owner, calculates the compensation and negotiate the regulations for the conservation area. 



Mr. Ødegård is also responsible, or part of, several research- and collaboration projects dealing with selective harvesting methods, use of satellite data to identify and recommend forest measures, and practical use of drone in forestry.


Digital competence

Mr. Ødegård has expertise in digital tools such as GIS systems, statistics software and forestry-specific software for optimization, logging forecasts and forest management proposals. Mr. Ødegård is responsible for a new project where the goal is to develop a new Norwegian client for the production of wood-flow in collaboration with a major Finnish actor.




Masters Degree in Forestry (Forest Economics) from NMBU (2013-2018). The main subject of the master studies was a quantitative analysis of factors which influence the activity of pre-commercial thinning among forest owners. 

Mr. Ødegård was awarded with the price for best master student after his years on the university. 

A bachelor’s degree in economics and administration will be completed in 2021.

Your contact:

Erik Ødegard

Head of Consulting Services

+ 47 99 35 92 64