Education and work experience

Key qualifications: Forestry economics and valuation. Management and planning. Forest certification.


Work experience:

Erling Bergsaker has more than 35 years of experience in the forest industry, managing forest properties , and as a forestry consultant in Norway and internationally.  


Forest economy and valuation

Mr. Bergsaker has experience from several consultancy projects in Norway, where forest management, economy and valuation are the main topics. 


He also works on international assignments, with the same topics as well as professional support for modernizing forestry and management planning.


The countries, in which he has worked are Latvia, Slovakia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Indonesia, Kosovo and Uganda.


Forest certification

As part of the forest management work, Mr. Bergsaker has been heavily involved in forest certification, and has worked operationally with certification since it came to the agenda in Norway in the late 1990s. He is a member of the national board of PEFC-Norway and of the national initiative of the FSC.



Mr. Bergsaker has been involved in various research projects with the aim of developing forestry in Norway, with a focus on applied R&D, forest economic analyzes, often in collaboration with research institutions.



Master of Science in Forestry at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU (1979).


Your contact:

Erling Bergsaker

Chief of Forestry

+ 47 91 51 14 67