Education and Working experience


Key Qualifications: Forest management planning and inventory. GIS and Digital forest management programs and tools.


Work experience:
Jens Kolstad has been involved in developing and designing forest management inventory systems in both Norway, Serbia, Kosovo and South Sudan, the design and organization of GIS- and database-structures.


Forest management systems
Responsible for the Norwegian forest management system Linnea. Linnea is a database system (Sybase), connected to ArcGIS, for forest information at stand level. The system includes routines for updating stand information (increment/volume, treatments i.e), queries, producing maps and reports. Linnea is used by the major forest companies in Norway.


Mr. Kolstad has many years’ experience within the ArcGIS area in general, and in use of GIS in forestry specifically.


Harvesting calculations
Mr. Kolstad has been responsible for modelling growth and yield and performing calculations and forecasting («allowable annual cut») for the major forested properties in Norway.


Mr. Kolstad has carried out major professional assignments in, Norway, Serbia, Kosovo and South Sudan. Minor assignments include Sweden, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and Uganda.


Master of Science in Forestry – forest economics and resource economics at Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU (1980-1985).

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Jens Kolstad

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