The main goal of the consultancy has been to assist the CEO in Global Solidarity Forest Fund (GSFF) as Senior advisor with forest growth modeling and investment analyses of the forest investments in companies partly owned by GSFF in Mozambique.

Mozambique is a country located in South-eastern Africa and it has a coast on the Indian ocean. It gained its independence from Portugal June 25 1975 in 2006. The size of the country is only 801.590 km2.
The forest industry has until recently been underdeveloped and based on exploitation of nature forests or Neombo forests. GSFF has together with other investors started large forest plantation projects in Mozambique, with Pine, Teak and eucalyptus as main species groups.Duration
• September 2009 – Dec 2011 (since september 2010 within NORSKOG)
  • Zimbabwe

    1999-2002 Zimbabwe Environmental Sector Programme Co-operation with the Forestry Commission.
  • Ghana

    2008 Pre Study Development of a Jatropha plantation in Ghana.
  • Tanzania

    2001 World Bank appraisal mission – Tanzania Forest Conservation and Management Project.
  • Uganda

    2009-2013 Institutional strengthening of Uganda Timber Growers Association.