NORSKOG has considerable experience working on the independent forest valuations and due diligence (DD) work for acquisitions, both large and small. Whether you own forest or wish to make a forest investment, NORSKOG can help you evaluate your options and provide professional input to key decisions that will impact the financial returns and risks.

  • Estonia and Latvia (2020)

    Annual forest appraisal according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We appraised over 12,000 […]
  • Latvia (2020)

    Valuation of 4,450 hectares of productive forestland in Latvia. The tasks included the forest data […]
  • Estonia (2020)

    Purchase due diligence > 800 hectares for institutional investor. 
  • Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Finland (2017-2020)

    Annual valuations of biological assets for Timber Investment Management Organization (TIMO) ~ 54,000 hectares in […]
  • Norway (2019)

    Purchase due diligence and valuation ~ 70,000 hectares. 
  • Sweden (2019)

    Valuation and purchase due diligence of forestry assets ~ 350,000 hectares. 
  • Latvia (2019)

    Purchase due diligence and valuation of productive forests for various Clients ~ 30,000 ha
  • Estonia (2019)

    Valuation and purchase due diligence of productive forests, including field control ~ 10,000 ha