23. August 2017
Montenegro (2009-2011)
23. August 2017



NORSKOG participated in the project “Support to Forest Management Planning with Geographic Information System”, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The first phases of the project were focusing how to make forest management plans in Kosovo, based on new technology, and modern principles for forest management. Later on we were focusing implementation of the methods, testing the methodology, capacity building and training of people in making the plans. For the next phase we will still focus on production of forest management plans and improve the methodology, but turn more in the direction of how to use the plan in operational forest management and how to update the forest information. In phase 4 we will also include production of a new national forest inventory for Kosovo, as the last national forest inventory was made in 2002, and such inventories should be repeated every 10 year to measure the development of the forest sector and conditions.The overall goal for this project is to: Improve the quality and use of the introduced methodology and technology for forest management planning, and make the professional environment more sustainable regarding competence and size, for the head office and regional offices of KFA, as well as the inspection service of the Ministry.

The starting point for phase 4 is that we have developed, tested and established a method for forest management planning in Kosovo. New forest management plans are made according to this methodology for approximately 15 % of the forest area. A software for calculating the inventory data and prepare out prints for Kosovo conditions is made, as well as a software for forest management and updating the forest information and maps. GIS technology is introduced, software and hardware for using this technology is provided to the regional offices of KFA. The basic knowledge is established, but further training is needed. A national forest inventory (NFI) was made for Kosovo by NFG in 2002. A revised NFI showing the development of the total forest resources of Kosovo is needed, and will be included in the future work of the project.