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Consulting services

NORSKOG holds more than 70 years of experience within the consultant business. With our variety and experience NORSKOG is one of the leading consultancy companies within the field of forestry in Norway as well as internationally.

NORSKOG provides services related to many aspects of forestry including:

– Forest management planning
– Silviculture
– Forest certification
– Real estate evaluation
– International forest valuation
– Wood trade – NORTØMMER

The Consultants have experience from a wide variety of projects around the world, from the tropics to the taiga. Read more about our main services or contact us for any queries you may have related to our services.

NORSKOG – always on the forest owners side!

Forest Appraisals, Economy and Analysis

International Forest Valuation

Wood trade – NORTØMMER

Forest Certification

Forest Management Planning


Nature Based Tourism

Climate Change and Forestry


NORSKOG is working in the true creative consulting spirit of catalysing and enhancing knowledge with the client’s best interest in mind. As an independent company with integrity as a key principle, NORSKOG helps Clients expand their awareness, their forest values and their efficiency. The sustainable use and improvement of forest resourcesbased on long-term international experience, are our speciality.

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