Since 1995, NORSKOG is also an active member in a non-profit network company – Norwegian Forestry Group (NFG). NFG has extensive forestry experience in international consulting services, project development and project implementation in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  • Panama (2000-2001)

    Program for sustainable development – forest policy design and strategy development.
  • Honduras (2004-2005)

    Preparation of a management plan for the tri-national National Park Monte Cristo in Honduras, Guatemala […]
  • Guatemala (1998)

    Environmental impact assessment of Cuchumatanes Highlands Project.
  • Belize (2001-2002)

    Rehabilitation of forest reserve and design and implementation of management plan. Project together with the […]
  • Zimbabwe (1999-2002)

     Co-operation with the Forestry Commission on Zimbabwe Environmental Sector Programme.
  • Tanzania (2001)

    Tanzania Forest Conservation and Management Project – World Bank appraisal mission.
  • Uganda (2009-2013)

    Institutional strengthening of Uganda Timber Growers Association.
  • South Sudan

    The Program consists of three components; 1) Forest Assessment, 2) GIS and Information management and […]